C R Bearing cotter pin 3/32 x 1.1/2

C R Bearing cotter pin 3/32 x 1.1/2

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CR bearing cotter pins of connecting rod bearing cotter pins and those pins which shall have not been observed but these pins allow rotations to happen smoothly without causing any damage, 'Precise' cotter pins for CR Bearing size, 3/32 x 1.1/2" are tested for the its strength, size and diameter so that the functioning of the wheels and tightening of the rods and fixed permanently. The cotter pins are zinc plated and are manufactured keeping in mind the exact standards of cotter pins/split pins. 

 The cotter pins/Split pins are made according to


  • IS 549 (INDIAN)
  • BS 1574 (BRITISH)
  • DIN 94 (GERMAN)
  • ISO 1234 (GERMAN)
  • ANSI \ ASME B 18.8.1-1922 (AMERICAN)
  • JIS 1351 (JAPANESE)
  • GOST 397 (RUSSIAN)
  • Grade we manufactering in alloy 1100,2011,2024,3003,5052


Precise is the quality 

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