Two Wheeler Cotter pin

Two Wheeler Cotter pin

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"Precise" split / cotter pins are manufactured in accordance to the specifications. These are IS 549/74, IS 549/61 ( Indian) , BS-574 (British), DIN 94 ( German) and asper the technical details and drawing required by the customers. Our regular sizes range from 1.6 mm to 8 mm diameter with length from 10 mm to 150 mm and inch size the diameter range from 1/16" to 5/16" with length from 1/2" to 6". 

We also manufacture sizes above the given diameters as per the order.

 I.S. 549- Specification for cotter pins 

 Steel (St)

 Copper-Zinc Alloy (Cu-Zn)

Copper ( Cu)

Aluminium Alloy ( Al)

Austenitic  Stainless Steel ( A)

Other materials as agreed between consumer and supplier. 


 Each leg of the split pin shall be capable of withstanding being bent back upon itself once, with no visible indication of fracture occurring at the point of bent    

 Surface Finish Plain i.e parts to be supplied in natural finish, treated with a protective lubricant, or with other coating as agreed between customer and supplier for electroplated coatings 

 Pins shall be free of burns, irregularities and detrimental defects. 

The eye shall be circular as possible. The cross section of the two straight legs together shall be circular